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We combine methods from design and positive psychology to help students build emotional resilience in a low-key environment.

Hii is supported by student psychologists at TU Delft.

Explore topics related to mental health

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Collaboration Partners


An available and accessible arena for student self-development

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By promoting reflection and discussion around topics related to mental health and well-being

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Our sessions are peer-support based, helping you relate to others and express your thoughts. This creates an open environment where people can share as much or as little as they want to.

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Exploring yourself in a group environment can help you get to know yourself and be resilient for future life ups and downs.

How does it work?


Pick a workshop you’re interested in here on our website. We will contact you about organizing a time and date that works.


Participate The workshops take 1,5 hours and are in groups of 3-5 students, led by one trained student facilitator.

Here we do a combination of self-reflection exercises, share experiences, and create actionable steps together.


Key Takeaway. Take home your workbook with your personal reflection and one reflection exercise for at home.

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Student Facilitator Trained by hii in collaboration with TU Delft student psychologists

3 - 5 Students

in one workshop group

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hii materials

 Developed as a mix of Creative Facilitatioin and Positive Psychology

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hii workshop booklet

Jenny (participant, dealing with stress)

“Hearing others talking about their stress made me realise I am not alone in what I am feeling.”

Laura (participant, my strengths)

“I thought of being spontaneous as a kind of weakness, since I am always a bit all over the place and unorganised... but I realised it's actually one of my personal strengths. I bring some spice into other peoples lives and end up in unexpected situations!”

Peter (participant, dealing with stress)

“I am still thinking about the goal I set for myself every day, it helps me structure my day and keep focus”
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