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"We believe that opening up about what is happening helps us reflect on our needs, grow personally and become resilient over time"



(Melissa, Vicky, Neva)

With hii we wanted to create a space where peer-to-peer support can take place regardless of which stage of our well-being journey we are.
Hii is not replacing psychologists, instead opens up the room for preventative care, which everyone can give and receive.

hii Journey

hii started within the Build-Your-Start Up Master elective at the Design Faculty of TU Delft. Independently from the TU Delft, Neva, Vicky and Melissa started to explore the possibilities to help students reach out for help. 

They noticed the long waiting lines at TU Delft, and students that are hesitant to speak for help because it does not feel urgent enough. 

Within an iterative design approach and go-to-market experimentations, a sustainable integration for hii was the goal. Due to the early link with the Study Climate program at the TU Delft, it was possible to acquire needed resources and further test the approach within the TU Delft. 

The core hii team noticed that especially the legitimate look, connections and collaborations created hype about hii and trust was able to be generated within one year. 

In June 2023 Neva, Vicky and Melissa were able to convince th
e board at Student Development to integrate hii in the program and follow the strategy of hiring three student assistants every year to pursue what was started. 
This way hii stays a from student to student initiative which can grow over time and further on enhancing the integration of design within the psychology field. 

What are the creators of hii doing now? 

We are working as designers on our own projects and on the side offer our mental health workshops to organizations, and you can hire us if you: 

1 Want to engage your company within the field of mental health 
2 Learn about Creative Facilita
3 Have a problem to solve in which your employees' creativity could enhance the process. 



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